Rose Action Organisation is a registerd national N.G.Os. giving awareness dread ful diseases like Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, hepatitis, Diabetes malitus etc to the general public by health Check Up and Do’s & Don’ts Talk , Drawing competition, Nukkar natak in different places like residential association educational institutions, Slums area .

The organization also gives health awareness education to the school going children And SLUM population the diseases.

Till now, we have approximately 1,00,04217 people are made aware about General and basic aspects of the diseases an Organization is trying to save the precious human life through generating awareness to the public and the organization goes to slum areas and make people more careful and understand about the diseases like different types of Cancer, HIV, Tuberculosis etc. and make them aware how the virus attack to the body and how it effect the body and what are the symptoms of the disease and how the precautions can be taken.

Works are also done in the grass root level and try to give awareness to every common people in the society. organisation have unite through SHGs and other many channels. AIDS is a serious diseases for which there is no care fill date, each one of as has to protect ourselves from this deadly disease. India has also the third largest number of people living with HIV/AIDS. As per the provisional HIV estimate of 2008-2009, There are an estimated 22.7 lakh people living with HIV/AIDS in india. The HIV prevalence rate in the country is 0.29% and most infections occur through heterosexual route of transmission. However in the north eastern region, injecting drug use is the major cause for the epidemic spread.

Organization give counseling to the patients and give them desire to live because sometimes gain up their will live because of the disease they are care aging with, but a good counseling is needed and motivated them to live a good life even if they are infected life continuously teaches us lessons that practically imerge out from the book of life and it is our aim to learn and adopt then in practical to the society and we can change through our organization.

Currently, we have generate Cancer, TB., and HIV/AIDS awareness programmes in the community urban village and college students through lecture, poster, videos, slide show and home visits etc. in Delhi, Hariyana, Assam and other states.

Many institution and slum areas & offices the successful completion of information, education, communication & awareness programmes